woensdag 15 april 2015

Streetphotography : Liège ...

Today I went to Liège for some streetphotography. But what is streetphotography? You can divide this in 2 parts : candid streetphotography and streetportraiture.

With candid streetphotography you take pictures of people on the street without them knowing thus capturing unposed moments and actions. Working like this is being focused on every potential target and being ready to react fast and unseen. Your camera has to be ready not having a second chance.

Streetportraiture is more relaxed, checking out the street for suitable subjects. Once you have found one you have to go to them and engage a conversation and ask them for permission to take their picture. When you first start streetportraiture it can be daunting to step up to a stranger and ask for taking their picture but as your experience grows together with your selfconfidence your will soon see that most people agree as long as you can explain why and as always a smile can work miracles. But if they say no please do not insist, perhaps they are feeling sick or just want to be left alone. Please respect that. Don't be afraid to direct your subject in a pose but be quick about it. Make it short and thank them for their time. Eventualy you can email them a copy of the shot.

In both cases it is imperative knowing your camera inside out. If you start to fiddle you will make them nervous ...

Which of both techniques is the best? I think the situation points out what action you have to take, sometimes you just take the shot and sometimes you will have to move slower.

All the following pictures where taken with a Fuji X-E1 and the 18-55mm Fujinon and the 35mm Fujinon.

Now on to the pictures ...

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