zondag 30 november 2014

The Citadel...

The Citadel of Diest was build in the late 1830's to prevent foreign invaders reaching Brussels. In 1953 it became the home of the 1st Bataljon Paratroopers but is empty since 2011. The city of Diest is still looking for an usefull destination of this estate of 28 ha but sure is that a new hospital will rise here in 2023.

At the moment the Citadel has opened its gates to host an exhibition of contemporary art, Citadel'art. I prefer not to expres my thoughts about the "art" displayed here nor about the fact that probably huge amounts of communityfunds were involved here to create this exhibition. I saw this as an opportunity to visit a fortress that otherwise is closed. A bit of soft-Urbex so to speak, not having to climb walls or crawling in dark holes this time. But still in search for light in darkness...

All pictures were shot with the Fuji X-E1, the 18-55mm and the 35mm. Now on to the pictures, hope you do enjoy!

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